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- About me -

ZEMA Coralie

33 years old - micro entrepreneur


French illustrator and graphic designer fan of fantasy

and imaginary creatures!

I draw mainly on computer, but also traditionally on canvas, paper or wood.

I have worked for individuals for over 10 years

and I am an exhibitor/seller in conventions

since 2018!


- CAP Signage, Signs and Decor

- BAC Pro Crafts and Artistic Professions option Visual Communication

- BTS Graphic Design option Communication and Printed Media


- Design communication and image supports
- Design and create graphic and visual elements
- Process digital images for printing
- Create a digital or traditional artistic drawing
- Color and typography management
- Identify and process a customer request
- Design and manage a project
- Create textures for 3D objects


- Fluent French and English

Softwares I use

- Photoshop/Indesign/Illustrator - Mastered
- Paint Tool SAI - Mastered
- Blender - Basic


- Digital and traditional illustration
- Video games
- Cinema / Series / Animation
- Illustrated books: Mangas / Comics / Artbooks
- Role playing games / Board games

- Original works -

Traditional or Digital art from my own universe

- Fanarts -

Traditional or Digital art from different universes from pop culture

- Graphic works -

Work carried out for companies as part of internships between 2009 and 2013

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