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What I can do :
- Do some simple mesh (ears, tails ? I can't rig yet sorry)
- Do textures


What I won't do :

- Edit another creator's texture (to fit another part or avatar)

- Copy another creator's work to go with parts (I only do full mods)

Avatars I work with :
- UTI Kemono, Avatar 2.0

- Regalia body
- TWI Wolf, Lion and Fox
- EP pony
- Viss Bunny (female body only atm)
- ONA Snaggletooth Kobold, Dvalinn and Sergal

- [M.O.R] Little Beastie Head

- BH Borealis Head
- Mad Dog head
- Glamour Furry head

- NAM Chibi heads (bunny, fox and cat)
- Paws heads : Alpha Dog, Canine 2.0, Maned Wolf, Bull Terrier, Deer, Feline, Sloth, Bat, Finch, Ferret, Rabbit, Horse and Goat monster...

- Happy Paws heads

- Virtual Fuzz Heads
- SKNK Shark kit, Skunk, T-Rex and Sushi head

- Raven Bell BJD Head 2

- Kuroo Body

- Aesthetic Body
- LL Body Male and Female (I can work with slink male and female, maitreya and belleza freya)

- Vtech chest
- DC Feral Dragon

- Pokki Avatar

- VR Sergal

- DSD Horse Head

- Sugarcult Pupper Head

- Tsundere Dragon Head


Parts I work with :

- Frick Finkler Lacey Ears, Big Ears, Desert Fox Ears

- KS Industries Gauged and Notched Ears, Perked Dog Ears, Creature Ears

[M.O.R] Rabbit Tail and Ears, Demon Wings and Tail

- MOOPA Fuzzy Ears, Fluff

- Catseye Digi Paws and Hooves

- BluePrintz Cabbit Ears

- MICKS Fuzzy Feral Tail

- TPaden Leo Tail

- Aurascape Vixen Tail

- Caboodle Maitreya/Slink Canine Legs, Long Fluffy Ears, Curly Tail

- SugarNova Floppy Ears

- Aii Bento Fox Ears

All the avatars or parts up here have been partly retextured by myself. An avatar/part I didn't note ? Ask for it ! I will probably do shadings for it as well !


What you will receive :

- Fullperm textures

- Custom Shape

- Custom skin (if LL body)

- Custom eyes (they're free ! if you want them, just ask)

- A notecard with links to the parts you need and how to apply your textures

Depends of how much textures I have to do and the complexity of your character !

(I will charge you extra if I have to look for parts, so look by yourself first)

- Starting at
10€ (~2 600 L$) for only one simple texture (like for the EP pony)

- From 30€ (~
8 000 L$) to 60€ (~16 000 L$) for a TWI, full UTI kemono or UTI kemono with another head.

- From 40€ (~
11 000 L$) to 70€ (~18 000 L$) for a Viss Bunny, Snaggletooth, Kuroo or Sergal.


- From 50€ (~13 000 L$) to 80€+ (~21 000 L$) for a mesh body using the LL textures (maitreya, slink male, freya).

- Starting at 70€ (~18 000 L$) for an Aesthetic body.


- Starting at 80€ (~21 000 L$) for an DC Feral Dragon.

- 30€ (~8 000 L$) is a start for mesh parts (reduced if I can sell them)


Send me a note or a IM if you want to meet me in second life (I'm JapandragonJD)